Perfect Homecure helps you install and build a variety of customized carpentry works.

In many cases, homeowners are stuck calling a different handyman for hire to finish each work they need completed. Rather than going through the hassle of coordinating all these independent handymen, we provide experienced, quality craftsman who can handle work, and you can rest assured it will be completed as per your convenience.
Below are all the residential carpentry services that the professionals at Perfect HomeCure can offer you:

  • Minor cabinet and door repairs (Furniture made of powder plywood excluded).
  • Replacement of door locks
  • Replacement of door/windows hinges, handles and knobs
  • Drilling to mount pictures
  • Mounting of LED TV on walls
  • Drilling holes in cabinets to run wiring
  • Fixing accessories such as Hangers, Towel racks, hair dryers.


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